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Top HR blogs of 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022 1:08 PM | Aimee Newman (Administrator)

With so many amazing HR blogs out there, even choosing which ones to read can be a time consuming affair. So we compiled some of the best HR blogs for you (in no particular order). 

  1. Evil HR Lady: If you’re looking for real-life HR questions—think “Am I micromanaging the team by asking them to clock out when they leave the office?” or “How to have the ‘Bathroom conversation‘ at the office”—answered honestly and with a good dose of snark, the Evil HR Lady is your go-to blog.

  2. OngigOngig specializes in helping organizations create effective and inclusive job descriptions, which extends into their blog where you’ll find plenty of resources on how to write better job titles, ads and descriptions, as well as diversity and inclusion statements. Expect to find a mixture of fun, lighthearted posts including “15 Funny HR Quotes [to make you Laugh or Cry!]” and “12 Job Title Ideas for ‘Someone who does Everything.”

  3. HarverThe Harver blog is a rich source of easy-to-read, high-quality articles on all things related to hiring and recruitment. 

  4. HppyHppy is a platform that features articles from various contributors that have HR expertise, are industry experts or experienced professionals, as well as individuals passionate about HR. Their content focuses on employee engagement, talent management, workplace happiness (hence the name), and the latest HR trends. 

  5. HR Bartender: Sharlyn Lauby, a.k.a. The HR Bartender, focuses on topics related to the workplace, not just human resources. On her blog, she often answers reader questions about anything from what happens during an employee investigation to providing job references during interviews.

  6. HR DiveMore than a blog, HR Dive is a leading industry publication and platform that provides original analysis on all the latest events and trends in the HR industry. The platform features fresh (US) news about anything related to the world of work and the labor market, but also has dedicated sections for Talent, HR Management and Learning, to name a few. 

  7. NamelyNamely’s articles are a great read, especially if you want to keep up-to-date with breaking news in the HR industry and are interested in payroll, benefits, and compliance. They have a way of making seemingly dry topics (like payroll) fun and engaging with articles like “3 Payroll Lessons from Fyre Festival.”  

  8. The Employer HandbookWhere other HR blogs don’t want to talk about the boring legal side of things, the Employer Handbook only talks about the legality of tricky HR questions. And Eric B. Meyer, the author of the blog, has a way of making the so-called dull stuff interesting and sometimes even fun. As he puts it himself, “if you want a nerdy employment-lawyer brain to help you solve HR-compliance issues proactively,” he’s there to help.

  9. Culture AmpThe blog of People & Culture platform CultureAmp shares expert insights on performance management, DEI, employee development, and employee engagement for HR professionals and people leaders. 

  10. HRZoneHRZone is the go-to destination for HR professionals and business leaders seeking advice, guidance, the latest trends in the world of work, and how the landscape of HR is gradually evolving.

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